Blog Post 18/10/2022

A day in the French team

Written by David

french team

The French team is small but harmonious and well organized.

The morning starts with coffee or tea and agreeing on the division of responsibilities for that day (if you are in the office – with a croissant and coffee, prepared by our dear colleagues, true gentlemen).

The task of the French team is to automatically proofread the translated German texts and adapt them to the wishes of our clients. In this task, you will always be able to count on the help of colleagues from the French and German teams. We solve all problems by joining forces, with great support and understanding from all the people who make up this company.

In the French team, we always start with good organization. It allows us to finish all the tasks without any pressure and to leave ourselves a moment of rest. A short break allows us better focus on the next task.

Our team cooperates with almost all the German language teams in the company. We stay in contact with the people who designed and wrote the texts, so we can always correct or clarify some disputed points in the text together.

Our working day consists of a wide variety of topics. Holidays (Valentine’s Day and many others), various types of contracts, jewelry, sports equipment, electric bicycles, and home appliances are just some of the topics you will be informed about and thus expand your knowledge and enrich your vocabulary. We are sure there will be innovative subjects whose existence will surprise you and perhaps encourage you to do further research on that topic.

Maybe you will even discover a passion for a sport or a new hobby as a member of our team.

See you soon!