Blog Post 18/10/2022

Mini interview with Ivana

Written by David

We asked our dear Ivana Milicic a couple of questions. Ivana has been working at CIIB for two years now as an Account Manager for one of our biggest clients.

Interview with Ivana

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career so far?

Working responsibly, without finding it stressful and enjoying everything that comes with your role, regardless of whether it is simple or challenging situations. A team of 40 people and a client for whom we provide two responsible services is a situation that carries with it a great dynamic and responsibility, but it’s all a matter of how you perceive these challenges. Will you be stressed out after 5 meetings, or will you look at it as a wonderful opportunity to grow personally and professionally together with your team and company – the decision is up to you. So, to sum it up – the challenge is to learn to enjoy the challenge.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting their career? 

To be patient and to not expect success overnight. Behind every success, stands a lot of work and effort. My advice is to be honest, hardworking, curious and to constantly learn and work on yourself. You shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and ask questions if something is not clear to you. Of course, this advice applies only, if you are starting a career in a healthy company culture. 

Name 3 things about your current job, which you like the most!

Working with people. The team I work with, my leaders and the client are my daily motivation. Whether it’s about business related topics, projects, brainstorming sessions, or just a casual conversation with my co-workers – it all carries a special value within and is greatly fulfilling.

The working environment. An environment where your opinion matters. An environment that doesn’t micromanage. An environment that has a healthy attitude towards mistakes. An environment that inspires and motivates you to always try something new and see, what it will bring to you.

Process optimization. Each day I realize more and more that my internal motivation comes from process optimization, i.e., discovering ways to do something in 2 instead of 10 steps. To remove the “waste” i.e., to remove unnecessary steps which don’t add any value to what we are doing or even slow us down. And that these optimizations influence us to achieve even better results, without increasing the number of working hours.