Blog Post 29/08/2023

Meet our team: Snezana Vagner

Written by Zaklina Popovic

We know you had a lot of work experience before joining CiiB. Can you tell us a bit about how your work at other companies has differed compared to ours?

My work experience ranges from working at a flower shop, an auto repair shop, and various other jobs to working as a call center agent about ten years ago. My first call center experience was stressful. Even though we all use phones every day, I had stage fright when I was asked to take my first call at work, like I was making my first public appearance. I gained valuable experience in that call center that I can continue to apply in my day-to-day job.

Can you tell us how call center work has evolved over the last 3 decades?z

When I started, there were only a few call centers for foreign customers. Due to rapid development, ever-increasing living standards and technology, the call center is becoming more and more present in daily life.

According to forecasts, the future lies in multi-level business, so I see the call center as an activity that will evolve and become more and more present in different business areas.

Where do you find inspiration for the motivational images you send to the shared teams group every morning?

We all have mood swings. There’s an old adage about that, which says that when you leave the house and close the door behind you, leave your house problems in the house – and likewise, when you leave work, leave the work behind that door.

This is easier said than done and may even seem impossible in many situations. I believe that the little things make life more beautiful, so I try to delight my colleagues with beautiful and fun pictures. Most of us work from home and we can’t see each other and laugh together. So at least with this picture I hope to evoke a smile – a morning smile for a better day.

How is your collaboration with younger colleagues?

There is certainly a generational difference in some attitudes to life – that’s to be expected. I see my colleagues as equals and have the impression that this feeling is mutual. Age is just a number and an opportunity to gain experience – be it in life, work or socially. I try to share my experiences when I think they can be useful to someone.

You started your career at CiiB as a non-remote employee, but switched to remote work after a while. Can you tell us about the benefits of working from home?

You can finally sleep in! 😊

All kidding aside, it’s definitely the time saved from having to commute between home and office every day. It means I can spend more time with my family. And I think that’s the most important benefit I have from working from home.

I also enjoy coming into the office, from time to time, to see my colleagues. Might be that we work less and talk more when we are all together, but that definitely strengthens our interpersonal relationships.

Finally, perhaps the most important question: how many weeks are left until the new year?

Alarmingly few. Only 17 weeks left until the new year!

Meet our team Snezana