CIIB – Simply Doing Great Things Together

Our vision is to support growth and provide our clients with customized solutions that deliver results.
We want to position ourselves as a reliable partner by working closely with clients and providing comprehensive multilingual services at the highest level. Our goal is for clients to have time to focus on important aspects of their business, while we take care of everything else.

We believe in young people, and because of that we provide full training for most positions (and no, we don’t expect you to have 5 years of work experience at the start of your career). Most of our employees are young people who started their careers with us!

No matter which team or position you are in, what you can certainly expect is support from all your colleagues! You can turn to anyone for help or advice. Or make a suggestion about new improvements. The exchange of ideas is highly valued, so if you start working with us, feel free to express your opinion (that’s the only way we will move forward).

Also, we try to have a work-life balance (because in addition to your work needs, you also have time for private life) and, in order to have energy even after 8 hours of work, our goal is to keep stress to a minimum. As CIIB is a young company, the good thing is that you also have the opportunity for professional growth and development. We value hard work and commitment. Our colleagues who have progressed are the best indicator that this not just a letter on paper.

Our company took its first steps in mid-2020 when we were all working from home. We continued that path – and that means that everyone can work anywhere in the territory of Serbia, full time!

However, for those who occasionally want to see their colleagues in person, we have an office at Terazije 5 in Belgrade. And we are increasingly organizing work from hubs all over Serbia.

And when the work is done, there are casual get-togethers where we are all gathered around the same goal – to have a good time and make memories that we will talk about and remember fondly.

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